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Mt. Zion Elementary Media Center

Welcome to Mt. Zion Elementary's Media Center!  At any given time of the day, you can stop in to see a flurry of activity.  Students at MZE love to read, and they certainly have plenty of choices.  We welcome children, parents, community members, and anyone else to come by and see all the great things we have going on in our Eagle Media Center!  If you need assistance, please feel from to contact me.


Use the link below to access our catalog of books and for links to all important sites we use at MZE!

Mt. Zion Elementary

       Reader Tags

               Orange Star - Earned 100 points   

             Silver Star- Earned 200 points

            Gold Star- Earned 300 points

              Blue Mouse- Met Goal for 9 weeks

                      Gold Bell- Average between 90% and 100%   

                   Green Heart- Top AR Reader for this 9 weeks

                 Green Pig- Top AR Reading for this year

                      Purple Cat- On or above grade level in STAR Reading

                       Red Dog- One grade Level above on STAR Reading

                         Purple Doghouse- Two or more Levels above on STAR Reading

                   Green Bone- Met Goal for the year

                     Purple Flower- 10 nonfiction books at 85% accuracy