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Read All Summer Long With These Interactive Books!
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Friday, May 04, 2018

We are excited to announce a great resource for reading this summer: Capstone Interactive eBooks!  This summer, Capstone is providing free access to thousands of ebooks that can be read from home, school or on the go.  These eBooks can be used with a laptop or desktop computer or an iPad.

Best of all, Capstone provide critical supports like text-highlighting and read-aloud audio, recorded by professional voice-over artists.  Plus, the easy navigation makes it inviting for your student to find their Capston favorites:  like the spunk Katie Woo, stunning photography from PebblePlus books, and thrilling reads like Library of Doom from Michael Dahl.

And you can feel comfortable knowing your student is exploring an ad-free website bursting with resources to help them read in and out of the classroom.


Go to

Login: summer18

Password: lovetoread


P.S.- Want to read offline? Download the app directly from iTunes!

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