FY18 School-Parent Title I Compact

Carroll County School System Parent and Family Engagement Plan

FY18 Carroll County Schools Annual Title I Meeting

FY18 Carroll County Schools Annual Title I Meeting Spanish

FY18 Parent Right To Know


Our FY18 School Wide Title I Notebook can be found in the Parenting Center, Room 338.

We have copies of the Title 1 Schoolwide Plan in the front office and in the Parenting Center. If you have any questions, please call 770-832-8588.

Please Visit Our Title I Parent Resource Center located in the front office and in room 229 on the blue hall.  We have a variety of parent material that would give you information on how to help your child academically, socially, and emotionally.  We also have computers with Internet access for parents if they should need them.  Please feel free to visit anytime!

If you have questions concerning Title I, you may contact our Title I Family Engagement coordinator, Renea Huddleston, by emailing her at renea.huddleston@carrollcountyschools.com or by calling 770-832-8588.  Our system coordinator is Denise Kuzy and be contacted @ denise.kuzy@carrollcountyschools.com or by calling 770-832-3568.