Perennial Math
Mathletes FY23

The Mathletes is a Math Academic Team made up of a group of students that enjoy challenging their critical thinking skills. These students put in hours prepping for the Perennial Math Competition each year. The Math Academic Team works very hard to perform at advance levels based on their math skills.


Perennial Math Competition:March 3rd, 2022

Justin Becerra and Carson Mandy placed in the top 5 from the CCS 3rd grade individual competition.

Malcolm Richardson, Tripp Bannister, Carson Mandy, Xavier Sadolsky, and DJ Cox earned 1st place in the CCS 3rd grade team competition.

Lebron Hindsman, Preston Hinesley, Justin Becerra, Pierce Crumbley, and Greyson Kelly earned 2nd place in the CCS 3rd grade team competition.

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